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Coworking 2.0: Co-Innovation FabSpaces

17. Februar 2010


Next Fab is a new „gym for innovators“ that recently opened in Philadelphia.  According to their website, Next Fab provides:

  • Innovation facility: state-of-the-art members-only workspace with high-end design and prototyping tools.
  • Education: courses and workshops covering topics such as software and equipment use, design and engineering, and entrepreneurship.
  • Technical services: in-house experts providing technical support for member projects, and product prototyping, and model-building on a contract basis for the community at large.
  • Community: a place to connect and collaborate with a network of fellow innovators with wide-ranging skills and diverse perspectives.
  • Retail sales: safety gear, raw materials, and tools.

Much like the SF bay area’s Tech Shop, Next Fab offers members access to a wide range of machinery for making things and charges a gym-like monthly fee. 

Places like Next Fab and Tech Shop give many hobbypreneurs their start by providing access to equipment that they couldn’t afford on their own, training and coaching.

According to a recent report from Intuit Hobbypreneurs will continue to grow in numbers and influence, creating new niche products and markets in the U.S. and abroad. These frugal, techsavvy, green-oriented, out-of-the-box thinkers are creating new business methods, models and processes. And along the way, they are spurring growth and innovation.

The only comparable FabSpaces in germany i know of are the Fablab@UniversityAachen and the Unperfekthaus in Essen. Do you know more?

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