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re:work the world

26. April 2010

The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World from 2 – 5 June, 2010. A big Summit in Sweden to build a more socially, financially as well as ecologically sustainable world and provide the jobs of tomorrow.

Day 1:

  • The vision: Let us Rework the world!
  • The efforts that create the jobs we need!

Day 2:

  • The new jobs: Context, opportunities, risks and leadership
  • The context: What world to rework?
  • The openings: Where are the opportunities?
  • The risks: Global pressures, local consequences
  • The leadership: A Reflection on what we need to achieve
  • Theme Introductions
    • Energy generation
    • Land management
    • Water preservation and treatment
    • Urban infrastructure
    • People (human capital)
  • Parallel Reworkshop Session
    • 100 projects are presented and discussed in action-oriented Reworkshops.

Day 3:

  • Plenary session IV – How to create a billion new jobs
    • VISION 1: Mass-mobilizing the poor for entrepreneurship and jobs
    • VISION 2: Rebuilding cities, regenerating communities
    • VISION 3: Electrification of rural Africa

Day 4:

  • The Rework the World Investment forum
  • Plenary session VI – What have we achieved
    • Building a new world
    • Re-thinking policy
    • Towards Alexandria 2012

The full program as pdf file

I think they raised most of the right questions. So let´s hope that they generate impact in our common purpose to rework the world. So far it looks great.

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