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Emerging job profiles in the idea economy

5. April 2012

A special edition of The Futurist (January/February 2011) titled „Emerging Careers and How to Create Them“ presents 70 different future job profiles.

We can think about our “jobs” as how we earn a living, how we spend our time, or
how we find inspiration, but one thing is sure: The nature of jobs is changing along with the corporations, societies, and other environments in which we do the work.

To show you some of the 70 job profiles i picked the following six because they are all very closely related to the coworking ecosystem that is building up very quick recently:

Office Concierge

As work and workers become increasingly mobile, commercial office space will be transformed. There will be many more kinds of workspaces (and hopefully no more cube farms). Individuals’ “home base” offices will most likely be home offices; they will “rent” space on a short-term, as- needed basis in corporate facilities. The Office Concierge will be much more than a space reservation clerk; he or she will proactively help managers and teams determine what kind of space they need for what time periods, and will direct the re-arrangement of desks, chairs, technology, and even walls to meet the specific individual and collaborative needs of the workforce. The Concierge will also be a source of information about local resources—not just caterers but also team facilitators, graphic recorders, production specialists, and any other extra talent together to produce value will require expertise that is both broad and deep.

Talent Aggregator

Large organizations will continue to shrink down to their essential core functions, depending on contractors, out-sourcers, and contingent laborers to get needed work done. The entire economy will become more project-based, much the way Hollywood now assembles cast and crew for movie productions. Talent Aggregators will maintain databases on thousands of independent “free agents,” assembling (often on short notice) the talent that is needed for any given project.

Grassroots Researchers

In the near future, research will go beyond universities’ walls and embrace general people of every social class. It is simple: Those who generate and own knowledge will lead the world. Those who don’t will just be followers. This will make an attractive competition for generating applied knowledge, and some scientists may even abandon universities in order to find more time for thinking. Academic degrees may no longer seem so valuable. Research capacity in different societies will find new ways for growth. True democracies will encourage their people to be active partners in research, and research projects will be done by the people, not just the researchers.

Seed capitalist

In the startup business world there is a huge gulf between initial concept and fundable prototypes. This dearth of funding options will require the rise of a new profession. Seed capitalists will specialize in high-risk, early-stage startups. If they get more than 100% return on their investments, they will be docked for not taking enough risk.

Future Guides and Post-Normal Jobs Counselors

The problem of finding a proper job will never end, at least in the near future. We are living in a time of new uncertainties and different types of ignorance.

Future Guides will help people to prepare for the effects of disruptive technology in their chosen professions so they don’t find themselves, frankly, out of a job. And post-normal job consultants will be masters at identifying and even creating post-normal opportunities in the market, such as those that create new cultural products and meet new needs. One of the main kinds of ignorance in the future will be simply an inability to identify possibilities, which will create great opportunities for these kind of counsellors.

I hope the ideas discussed will stimulate you to think about your own future and the jobs that may be needed in the upcoming idea economy.

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